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I write about what I see and hear, the people I meet, or wished I'd met - their struggles, triumphs and failures, their daily lives, loves, hates, losses and politics. I write from the heart.

I was born and brought up in  Leek in north Staffordshire, (between Stoke and Manchester). I left when I was eighteen but frequently return to the fascinating place which helped make me,  the wild moorlands and raggedy mill-towns, rocky outcrops, terraces and twisting brown rivers of the southern peak district.

I live now in the south,  in a mobile phone town on the M4 corridor where I see another country, no less interesting but marching to a different beat, and with a staggering social divide.  This contrast drives me to explore an emerging Britain I am trying hard  to understand.

I'm open to all ideas and potential commissions so if you've a story you'd like telling, and you like the way I use words, then do please get in touch.

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