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Some years ago Ade began the Raising Voices programme at the Watermill Theatre. This ongoing project has encouraged hundreds of writers to create new work for theatre. 


Ade  has continued in his freelance life to help other writers refine their plays, working with freelancers, either experienced or as absolute beginners, and with writers' groups such as the Oxford Playwrights.

For a small fee Ade will read and respond with positive and constructive criticism to your play.  Turnaround on reading is approximately four weeks.


If you would like Ade to read and respond to your new work please get in touch directly via email to



Some writer's comments:


'Thank you, Ade. Both for the extremely generous comments and your suggestions. As soon as I read the latter, I immediately knew what I intend to do!'

'You really helped me see the wood for the trees in this script!'

' As ever Ade, spot on with the comments and advice, I'll get down to a second draft right now...'

'Your thoughts were very positive, generous and constructive, and I was  delighted that you liked the play,  thank you again'

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