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The idea of foundling children, orphans in need of parents and a home, is as old as storytelling, as are fairy tales and far fetched fables of daring do, and these elements form the basis of  MIRA, MIRA, a story about storytelling itself, about escaping into other worlds where fantasy becomes real.


Ed, an aspiring writer, creates Mira, Mira, who inhabits the seedy twilight world of East End night clubs, hoodlums and drug deals. He also invents his own heroic alter ego and together they enter a dark and dangerous world with characters conscripted from every gangland story that ever existed, - but with a peculiarly chivalric code. Shot through with a weird patois, surreal poetry, slapstick comedy, a loving musical heart and cartoon violence,  trouble arises as Ed’s characters take on a life of their own.  

'Strangely but truly I can see lots of connections between fairy tales and the Wild West, the legends and daring do of dusty distant places seem to concur in cultures all over the world. And so where is our own, peculiarly English version of the Wild West? Well, the fantasy gangland of East London I suspect - the unreal world of dodgy old clubs and Porridge, police bells that go ting-a-ling and Cockney tarts with hearts of pure chips. So, the film - noir and gangland romps of never never London, the lost nirvana of Cabaret and smoky pubs, dodgy acts and dubious morality seemed a good vehicle to articulate all these themes in a simple ‘Quest’ story. A Knight in not so shining armour in search of something like the truth, and something like the girl, in something like a place where they might be happy. Welcome to the Dungeon Club, have a lovely warm lager, or a Babycham, maybe a snout, and relax in a world that never was, watching deeds that always were, in one of the oldest stories ever told.'   Ade

This play would suit an older youth theatre or college cast, 13 f/ 10m but flexible, script is available from Ade.

A video of the original production can be found on YouTube via the following link:

The Gilded Lliies

‘The Gilded Lilies’ is the classic rock n roll story told as farce, from its beginnings in the back-room of an undertakers in Willesden Green to the, er, end.


All of life’s young personalities are here, searching for  kicks and tormented by the horrors of an unforgiving world with nothing but a few salty chips and a mouldy pasty to keep them going. T here’s Gene, who is also Jean and loves Laura, but Laura doesn’t love Gene (or Jean) despite thinking she might be a lesbian; Nutter is a nutter; Worm is a narcoleptic receptionist who falls asleep right in the midd…; Tabatha is a suicidal stalker; Karen the singing nurse, an imaginary friend, and manager Dustin Champagne  - who might just be the person who makes them all famous. 


The Gilded Lilies’ exposes some  hard truths about the rock n roll odyssey, with a few rude and sad bits as well.

Everyone thinks about being in a band, maybe without an instrument and unable to play - but still dreaming of selling out Wembley Stadium. Unfortunately, not everyone realises their dreams; hundreds of would be legends pitch up in service stations around the country, while the transit van and the singer’s ego both overheat.


But, of course, it has to start somewhere, and some bands do make it, despite everything; it’s usually a perilous and decidedly unglamorous journey, a battle against your own ineptitude as much as the vagaries of the music industry, but with luck and a modicum of talent, it can be done.


So, if like Liam Gallagher, you thought Spinal Tap was a hard-hitting documentary, come and meet the best band to come out of Willesden Green since… er, just the best, OK?

This play would suit an older youth theatre or college cast, 6f/ 7m, but flexible, script is available from Ade.

A video of the original production can be found on YouTube via the following link:

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The Clodly Light Opera and Dramatic Society (CLODS)

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Mary Kelly's Bed

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The Sirens' Call

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