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Lone Flyer

The last flight of Amy Johnson


A revised version of Lone Flyer  was staged by the Watermill Theatre in November 2020, it transferred to Jermyn Street Theatre in June 2021 and was subsequently staged by Hull Truck Theatre in September/October '21.

The production  is directed by Lucy Betts, and designed by  Isobel Nicolson

Amy Johnson's fascinating story unfolds as she navigates her last flight over fogbound wartime England, finally ditching in the Thames Estuary , out of fuel and miles from home, but leaving a huge legacy. 

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By Geraldine McCaughrean
Directed by Ade Morris
Touring sometime we hope! Dates tbc

Audience reaction to the R&D showcase at The Marlowe Theatre:

Inventive... amusing... thought-provoking!


Gripping and wonderfully crazy!


Dark... Wity... Intelligent...Loved the show and the way the stories unfolded!


What Shakespeare might have written – if he dared!

  ' Nothing comes of nothing...

- Something’s boundta. Something always does.'


It’s four hundred years since the man's death, and yet Shakespeare’s characters still move among us full of vigour and vitality.

Now a new clutch of short play-sequels, by award-winning writer Geraldine McCaughrean, explore further their potential to make us laugh and cry.

Write or Wrong presents seven witty, visceral, playlets conjured into an exciting evening’s diversion by the Witches of Macbeth themselves, and asks the question - what happens after the curtain falls on some of Shakespeare’s finest plays?

The Boxford Masques


By Geraldine McCaughrean

Directed by Ade Morris

IMG_6101 copy.jpeg

Ever wondered what happens if you dig up a Roman mosaic and it comes to magic  life?  What happens when a flying horse bursts from the ground and mythic robots walk the woods?  How about when the brave hero Bellerophon quests to find the Chimera - but takes an entire theatre audience with him by accident?  This action packed new Boxford Masque will whisk you on a crazy, comic, music and image -packed  journey into the land of mosaics, myths and monsters, where ancient stories become as real as the stage we dance on,  and our modern world melds with the marvellous past.  

This Masque was originally scheduled for production in 2020 but events  forced us into July/ August 2021.  

The Masques are a West Berkshire tradition stretching back to Edwardian times and revived by Ade and the late John Vigor back in 2000. Ade and Geraldine have collaborated on eight new Masques since alongside the peerless Boxford Masques organising committee  and our enthusiastic and talented community players and friends. The Masques are open to all so if you'd like to be involved just go to the website below, or drop me a line.

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